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Repair phones and tablets


What do we repair?


At Alpha Phones we repair Phones and Tablets. We normalla tend to repair popular phones like the Iphone, HTC Phones and others. We also repair tablets like the Ipad and Samsung tablets. We can repair broken screens, buttons, hardware replacement and any other issues.


How do we repair it?


We have highly qualified specialists with several years of experience who can repair all kinds of phones and tablets.


How long does it take?


The length of a repair depends on what is being repaired, how busy we are and what is involved in the repair e.g. replacing a broken screen. But our repairs usually just take a few hours to complete.


What do I need to know?


Well usually depending on your products issue we advice that you backup any information on your phone or Tablet. Please do that before bringing in your device as we are not responsible any data loss.


How much does the repair coast?


The price of a repair varies between 15£ to 200£ depending on what is being repaired. Please see the price of a repair right here


Sell Phones and Tablets


What phones and tablets do we buy?


At Alpha Phones we buy all kinds of Phones and Tablets. However we primarily buy the most popular brands and the latest phone types. E.g. Iphone 6s, Samsung S6 and Iphone 5.


In which condition?


While we do love to buy all kinds of Phones how much you get paid depends on your phones conditions. We would appreciate it if we could receive the phone that you are buying in a clean state with all the data being removed to avoid any privacy issues that you have.


What legal information do I need to know


At Alpha Phones we abide by the law and as such when we conclude a purchase we expect that the device(s) being purchased by us is not stolen and in the state that you told us it is. We will require you to show us your Identification either in the form of an ID or a passport. We will not purchase any device from you without your proper identification.


How much do I get paid?


The price that you get paid depends on


how old the product is


The state that it is in


The phones model e.g. an Iphone 4 may get less then what an Iphone 6S will get.


When will I get paid?


You wll be paid immediately after we confirm your identity.


Buy Phones and Tablets


What products do we sell?


We sell the latest versions of Iphones, Samsung, some tablets and we also sell some older versions of Smartphones. To view the phones that we sell please view our shop page our visit our store.


In which condition


All the devices that we sell will be in the best condition possible and will be refurbished. We guarantee that we do not sell products that are faulty or broken.


How much does each product cost?


The price of each product varies and you can view our prices on our shop page.


How long until I get it?


You will get your product immediately if you purchase in our store. If you purchase online then you will receive your product depending on the time on the time of the hipping companies.


Do I have a warranty?


All purchased products come with a standard 3 months warranty,


Do I have a return period?


We have a thirty day return period.



Do I get a refund?


All products purchased are entitled to a refund.


Annual repair plans


What are the annual repair plans?


The annual repair plans are a way for us to make your life less stress free and are basically a period (depending on which plan you have) where you get certain benefits e.g. 40% on all repairs.


How much does each plan cost?


Each plan varies between 75£ and 500£. Please visit our Care Plan page to find out.


What are the benefits?


Discounts on certain repairs


Replacement phones while on repair


Free diagnostic


And many more


Can I cancel?


Yes you can cancel your plan at any time. However please read our cancellation policy first.


Do I get a refund?


Yes you get a refund if your plan is more then 300£


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