Microsoft Lumia 640

Product Code: ALP 002 168

Available Colours

Price: £129.00

Access and edit your documents on the go


Need to edit a presentation before a meeting? Or make quick text changes to a Word document during a break? Then the Microsoft Lumia 640 with Windows 8.1 operating system is the perfect handset for you. With its in-built suite of Microsoft Office applications, you can take your Microsoft Office where ever you need to. Save your work to the Cloud to access from anywhere and continue working where ever you go. Even connect with your colleagues and friends with face-to-face calls through Skype.


Let personal assistant Cortana organise your life


Keep on top of everyday jobs and important things in life with your own personal assistant - Cortana. So whether it is to remind you to pick something from the store on the way home from work, or to book regular dentist check-ups or remind you that your mum's birthday is approaching, tell Cortana who will keep track of things, remind you and will even locate the flower store to make your mum's day.


The days of saying 'I'm sorry for being late' to meetings are over with Cortana in your life. She will check your Outlook schedule and alert you of the travel situation and if it looks like you will be late or delayed, she will nudge you to leave early.


Take your pick of apps from Windows Phone Store


Bring to life all the apps and games you want on the 5 inch HD display. There is a growing selection and variety of app after app in the Windows Phone Store, including those popular ones from WhatsApp to Candy Crush. To show off your creative side, there are countless apps available to edit, illustrate, decorate and personalise the photos and videos.

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